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We are Charlotte County’s  Buyers Closing Agent. We represent your best interests at all times!

Are  you deciding to purchase Real Estate in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port, or Englewood?

When deciding on a Real Estate Title Agent to conduct a closing for the most important purchase of your lifetime, shouldn’t you hire an experienced Real Estate Attorney?

Should you trust your future with just anyone who has just a few hours of training,  someone who is not allowed to advise you on how to take title, and  the legal ramifications of taking title in that manner. Should you trust a title agency owned by the realtor, who has the realtor’s best interests at hand rather than  yours?

Nathan Dougherty is an experienced Real Estate attorney licensed by the Florida Bar, and his office his office is located in Port Charlotte, FL. He is ethically bound to represent your best interests. As a local Port Charlotte Resident since 1984, and a graduate of Port Charlotte High School,  Nathan Dougherty has his finger on the pulse of Charlotte County for over 30 years now.

For your title insurance, escrow, settlement, title search, and any other Real Estate Title needs, in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, or Englewood, give Nathan Dougherty a call.

Real Estate Closing Process in Charlotte County, FL

1.  The buyer and seller have a signed real estate contract, the buyer obtained or will obtain financing, unless the purchase is a cash transaction.

2.  The property will be appraised by an appraiser hired by the buyer if a cash transaction, or the mortgage company if there will be a mortgage.

3. The Title Agent/Closing Agent will issue a “title commitment,” which identifies any liens, or encumbrances on the title. There are almost always clouds on title, like mortgages, or tax liens that will be paid according to the title insurance company’s requirements.

4. Inspections of various sorts will be conducted by the buyer to insure the house is up to the buyer’s standards, before moving forward with the purchase.

5. A survey will be conducted of the property, listing and easements, encroachments, and to make sure the property description is accurate.

6. The buyer will conduct a final walk through, to make sure the property is still in the same condition.

7. All documents will be reviewed by the parties and their representatives. The main document to be reviewed is usually the Closing Disclosure, and sometime the the HUD 1 Settlement Statement. Then there is the mortgage, deed, and closing affidavit to be reviewed.

8.  All settlement monies will be transferred to the appropriate parties, and all documents will be officially recorded.

During this process you will have access to the attorney as well as his experienced and knowledgeable staff. Call for a free consultation for your Real Estate Title, Escrow, Settlement, and Title Insurance needs!

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