Divorce & Custody

Your Port Charlotte Family Attorney. Available for your Child Custody or Divorce needs

I understand what it is like to be devastated by divorce and child custody issues. I’ve been there done that. That’s why I go All-In for my clients. This is the most emotionally damaging time of your life.

As your Port Charlotte Family Attorney, I will be there for you. As a Family Law Attorney I will always answer my phone or call you back promptly.

When your X is trying to take everything you have, including your kids, its imperative that you have the best divorce attorney on your side.

We have plans for everyone, from affordable Low-Cost to Full Service:

divorce lawyer bundled service

Unbundled Services

If you can not afford an attorney, I can unbundle our divorce and child custody services for you. Unbundled service means I can ghost write your motion for you and you can proceed pro-se (you will file your own paperwork and argue to a judge by yourself) I will even give you a one hour consultation on how to testify before a Family Court Judge. This is the least expensive way to go, however it may not be the best way to proceed especially if the other side has hired an attorney.
divorce lawyer flat fee

Flat Fee Pricing

If you can not afford a full retainer for a Family Law Attorney, and you do not expect a full drawn out divorce with an equally complicated child custody battle, Flat Fee pricing may be for you. 

You can pay per hearing/issue this way you can avoid paying the high cost of a full service divorce.

Divorce and Custody battles should not bankrupt the family and eat up your children’s college fund!