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Your Port Charlotte Criminal Law Attorney. Watch my You Tube Video on why the Right To Remain Silent is so important.

The government is building its case against you right now! Call now before it’s too late!

Who is the Best Criminal Defense Attorney?

What does the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer do?

The above questions are commonly searched for when looking for a criminal defense lawyer.  Whether it be for a DUI, Drug Possession, Battery, or Burglary, you should always want the best attorney possible.

Did you know that the adversarial  process produces more favorable outcomes for criminal defendants than the friendly negotiation process?

Here is a great article from the Sarasota Herald Tribune about public defenders and the adversarial process.

But what exactly makes the best criminal defense attorney?  Is it they guy who is best friends with  the Prosecutor or Judge?  You have to ask yourself will a prosecutor or judge be willing to dismiss every case when one of his friends walks through the door? The answer is NO.  Prosecutors and Judges are elected for being tough on crime, not for being soft on criminal defendants. Their main concern is convictions and jail time. The government employees get pay raises, job promotions, and win elections by getting convictions and jail time. The government does not care about you, it cares about itself.  Now, would I want an attorney who has political interests and is befriending judges, state attorneys and police officers? Again, the answer is NO. 

The best criminal defense attorney is the one with the most heart, the one who  could never be a prosecutor.  He’s the one that always knew the system was broken and dedicates his career to fighting the broken system. The best  criminal defense attorney is educated, skilled, and  trained in defending cases at trial and through the adversarial process.  Basically, he is a warrior like David fighting Goliath,  not a plea machine. The best attorney has a good work ethic, he is not one of those guys who tries to get the most money for least amount of work. 

The best attorney for the job is clearly


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