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Who is Nathan Dougherty?

Nathan Dougherty  was taught at a young age to stand up against bullying and to fight back. His diverse life experiences has taught him to have compassion for people who are suffering with personal hardships.  Nathan became a lawyer to help the little guy fight the bullies of the world, whether it be the Government, Corporations or the Classic Narcissist.  When you hire Nathan Dougherty as your attorney he will have your back and fight hard against the enemy for you. He will be a fierce advocate and will go into battle  for your best interests. 

Nathan Dougherty grew up in a loving, working class family, neither of his parents were able to graduate from high school and worked hard to put food on the table and keep a roof over his head. Nathan credits his father for a great work ethic and respect for education.  Nathan has fought hard to overcome personal and family hardships. His father became disabled when Nathan was 11 years old, and he went from a middle class life style to extreme poverty.  While his father was suffering from heart problems his mother started a small family business where Nathan worked on weekends and summers to help his family. After high school Nathan became an electrical apprentice, he still has calluses on his hands from digging ditches and pulling wire.  During these times Nathan’s parents always encouraged him to go to college. Before Nathan decided on going to college he burned his arms on oven doors as a cook,  worked in the hot sun as a day laborer,  heard “No” a thousand times a day as a telemarketer, and kept a level head during the chaos of working as a server.

Nathan Dougherty spent his childhood in Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore. He moved to Port Charlotte where he has called home since 1984. He attended Port Charlotte High School, received his Bachelor’s Degree in Office Supervision and Management from Broward College graduating with “Highest Honors”, and he received his Juris Doctorate from Saint Thomas University School of Law, Miami.

Nathan’s favorite quote is from Winston Churchill, “Fear is a reaction, Courage is a decision”

Here’s a couple of pics of what I usually do on the weekends, just in case you thought I was kidding about not playing golf.

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