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     The giants of government and industry are preparing a case against you as you read this! Nathan Dougherty Law P.A. is here for one reason and one reason only… TO WIN YOUR CASE by any means necessary within the bounds of the law.  I’m not here to make friends or run for office.  I am not a plea machine, or a settlement attorney; I am a battle-hardened trial attorney.  We do not grovel or beg. We fight hard.  To insure the best possible outcome for your case, Nathan Dougherty Law P.A. will not negotiate your case until we have all the evidence and we are prepared for trial; however you will always remain in control of your case.

     The other side knows who the weak and timid attorneys are…the ones who never go to trial; the ones who are more concerned with schmoozing with the elite and powerful, hanging on to the coat tails of the giants who want to defeat you; the back door guys who sell out their clients for prestige and glory. The other side knows they will settle for anything. Do not hire one of these attorneys.  Hire Nathan Dougherty Law P.A. today!  

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